The Damnation of the Timeless

There are those who say,
that a clock ticks once,
and a moment flies away…
to an infinite place,
of dreams and nightmares.
Some faded,
some revealed,
some so clear
that we can see
or even touch them.
But they are,
they do remind,
nothing real,
for there is only
the Now.
If only I could live in that world,
of one moment at a time.
Perhaps then could I be worthy
of a pinch of a respite.
But cursed am I to see existence
as it truly is.
Threads of fate,
writhing like serpents,
twisting all around;
the Now merely is
the place where
the head currently resides.
It consumes the moment,
growing ever longer,
but still!
its body lays behind!
Always stretching farther,
getting tangled
with all others
in a cacophony of hideous colors.
The tapestry they weave
is a picture of an utmost horror.
So what others can never see,
troubles them in no way;
but to live in that other constant hell
is more than a mortal man can take.


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